Gun storage
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If you’re looking for gun storage you can trust, you’ve found it here. The Gunbox handgun safes include Guardian and Flex for secure, sleek storage.
gunbox features
gunbox features

3 ways to access your Gunbox safe

the gunbox


Program the Guardian or Flex Gunbox to open at the touch of a finger. Biometric readers identify your unique fingerprint to allow access to your firearm or valuables stored inside. 

the gunbox rfid


Using radio frequency identification (RFID), your Gunbox can be opened with a swipe of a token. Gunbox RFID tokens include:

∙ Fob
∙ Keycard
∙ Ring
∙ Wristband

These RFIT accessories can be slipped into your phone case, attached to keyrings, or worn for discreet carrying and they allow for non-contact access to your safe.

the gunbox keypad


Each Gunbox comes equipped with keypads so you can program it with a unique code.

For added security, all Gunbox safes feature a motion sensor alarm; if the safe is tampered with the alarm is automatically triggered. You can also purchase a security tether to prevent your Gunbox from being moved.


Gunbox diecast safes feature hydraulics to smoothly and immediately open and close the lid of both the Guardian and the Flex. With daily use, the battery can last up to three months before needing to be recharged.


Safe & Secure

The Guardian is the most advanced, most reliable gun storage option on the market.

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