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About us

The Gunbox is the modern day "gun on the mantel" which represents safeguarding your home, defending your family, and protecting your freedom. Some are convinced that in today’s world we should hide and wait for society to protect us. We firmly believe that each person has an individual responsibility to protect themselves and provide safety for their loved ones. The Gunbox empowers firearm owners with the ability to defend responsibly.

Our products are causing a paradigm shift in the gun safe industry. The industry’s focus is on HIDING, locking up, and bolting down your firearms in places like basements and closets. Traditional gun safes have their purpose, but they are designed to protect what’s on the inside of the safe. The Gunbox is different! Everything we do is to protect what’s on the outside; your children, your family, and yourself in the event you need immediate access to your firearm for protection.

The Gunbox is the leader in accessible, in plain sight firearm storage. Our products will blend in with any home or office décor. Place your Gunbox in the living room, bedroom, work or home office, and anywhere you might need to get to your firearm quickly. We have the latest in access technology including Biometric/Fingerprint Scanner, Keypad, and RFID, to quickly and securely access your firearm. The Gunbox technology uses motion alarms and other notifications, providing the highest level of security for you and your family’s protection.

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