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Fingerprint + Keypad + RFiD Unlock + NOW with MOBILE ALERT NOTIFICATIONS

Secure your firearm wherever you may need it for immediate access. The Guardian is the ultimate accessible handgun storage solution. Engineered with an Audible Motion Alarm that will sound if moved or tampered with, the Guardian provides total peace of mind when storing your firearm. Fearful of theft or misuse? The Guardian has pre-drilled mounting holes and a tether cable connection site for securing to a heavier or fixed object, if desired.



Key Features & Specifications

Fingerprint Unlock
Keypad Unlock
RFiD Unlock
Hydraulic Opening
USB Charge Ports
Audible Motion Alarm
Pre Drilled Mounting Holes
Secures With Tether Cable (sold separately)
Internal LED Light

Carbon Black (Matte)

Gun Smoke (Grey Brown)

Material 4 mm Die Cast Aluminum
Weight 7.2 Pounds (3.26 kg)
Interior Dimensions

8.75" x 7.5" x 1.75"     

(222mm x 190mm x 45mm)

External Dimensions

11.6" x 10" x 2.7"         

(295mm x 254mm x 68mm)

Rechargeable Lithium Battery


Battery Lasts 1 Year On A Single Charge

Attach Power Cord to Charge Again

Warranty 1 Year - (Parts + Labor)

What's Included

Gunbox + 2 RFID Keycards + 2 RFID Fobs + 1 Stop Block + 1 Power Adapter

Multiple Ways to Open

The Gunbox Guardian utilizes industry leading technology. Choose to open using one of three methods: Fingerprint, RFID, or Keycode. Each Gunbox Guardian will hold up to 10 Fingerprints, up to 20 RFID's, and 1 Keycode.

Storage in Plain Sight

Gunbox is the leader in plain sight storage ideal for any home or office décor. Using cutting edge technology, you will have quick access while keeping everyone else out especially children.

The Power of Knowing Now

Purchase Gunbox Mobile Alerts to stay informed and connected. A text and/or push notification can be sent to your smart phone when your Gunbox Guardian is moved, tampered with, or needs to be recharged. Mobile alerts provide 24/7 security and peace of mind.

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