Fingerprint + Keypad + RFiD Unlock

Secure your firearm wherever you may need it for immediate access. The Guardian is the ultimate accessible handgun storage solution. Engineered with an Audible Motion Alarm that will sound if moved or tampered with, the Guardian provides total peace of mind when storing your firearm. Fearful of theft or misuse? The Guardian has pre-drilled mounting holes and a tether cable connection site for securing to a heavier or fixed object, if desired.

the Guardian advantage.

Unlocks using Fingerprints, Keypad, and RFID

Easy Learn Button Simple Setup

Durable Die Cast High Strength Aluminum Alloy

Child Proof

Rapid Hydraulic Assisted Opening

Safeguard your family - secure your firearm - defend your home

What's Included

Guardian + 2 RFID Keycards + 2 RFID Fobs + 1 Stop Block + 1 Power Adapter

Key Features & Specifications

Mechanical Specifications:
Material Die Cast High Strength Aluminum
Opening Mechanism Hydraulic Shock Assisted Opening
Electrical Specifications:
Bluetooth Specifications Bluetooth 4.0
WiFi Available for Updates and Notifications
Keypad 5-10 Digits; 100,000 Possible Combinations
Fingerprint Reader Swipe Style Reader
Audible Alarm Piezo Siren
Motion Sensor Accelerometer
Charge Port Barrel Jack Connector
Charger Specifications 5V Output, 2A Input (Charger not included)
RFID Frequency ISO15693 at 13.56Mhz
Opening Mechanism Servo
Power 1350mAh LiPo Battery
Product Dimensions:
External Dimensions 2.8" x 11.6" x 10.0"
Internal Dimensions 1.5" x 8.9" x 6.5"
Product Weight 4.7 lbs
Packaging Dimensions 3.5" x 16.0" x 13.5"
Shipping Weight 6.4 lbs
General Information:
Colors Carbon Black

IP Rating 40 (protected against solid objects greater than 1mm, no protection against water)
Memory Storage Capacity Up to 10 Fingerprints, 10 RFID's, and 1 Keycode
Battery Life Up to 3 Months on a Single Charge
Warranty 1 year (parts + labor)